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At Home with You

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 Cats and Kitties Ready to be Family
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Vet Checked & Healthy

  • Up to date Vaccinations as appropriate

  • Flea Treatment

  • Dewormer

Cat and Kitty Rescue Care Package and Support

  • Toy

  • A homemade blanket

  • A bag of food to transition them to your food of choice

  • Adoption Certificate

  • Follow up email to see how your kitty is doing and to answer any questions

  • Tips on Acclimation to make the transition to home smoother

Meet our rescue cats and kitties. Scroll down the Garlic City Kitty Rescue Petfinder list of cats and kitties we have rescued in Gilroy and the surrounding area. All are spayed and neutered, socialized and vet checked. We are committed to finding the perfect match for you and for our rescues, just like Cassandra and Charlie... !


"Charlie is the sweetest most friendly kitty ever!

We are really enjoying his company and lucky for me, I get to be with him all day

working from home." Cassandra C Soquel, CA.

Please Fill Out the Adoption Application after Viewing Our Adoptable Cats.

Adoption  Application

Miss Tuxie

Featured Cat of the Month

Miss Tuxie is a quiet girl who would love nothing more than to be loved and cherished. She would do best as an only cat because she is submissive. Please find it in your heart to adopt this sweet beautiful girl and give her the loving home that she deserves. She would be forever grateful.
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Cats are amazing creatures.Every movement is picture perfect. Every personality unique. They will make you smile, they will love you, and they are loyal.  Cats are also good for you.


Research indicates that owning a cat can have positive effects on how you handle stress,  anxiety, depression, or even loneliness. Taking a cat home from a shelter can improve your sense of happiness and general well-being.

All cats and kitties deserve to thrive in a safe, secure and loving environment. When you adopt or foster, not only are you giving a home to a rescued cat or kitty you are also making it possible to save yet another life from neglect and abuse.

Make Room in Your Heart to Adopt or Foster 

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