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Give Your Time. Put Your Love into Action.


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Give Your Time
and Skills

Contribute to the Health and Well Being of Our Cats and Kittens. Our Number One Priority!
Our rescued cats and kitties need you! Living on the streets of Gilroy, homeless, and left to fend for themselves they come to our rescue in desperate need for a safe haven and loving care. Join us in giving them their chance for a furever home! Help with socialization, transport, trapping  or  shelter care. You are needed.

Your Special Skills Make Dreams Come True.

Our dream is for no cat or kitten to be neglected, abused or left to struggle for survival.Your leadership skills will help make that possible.


We offer volunteer opportunities in tech support, funding, administration and much more.  Take a look below, choose how you want to volunteer, and join us in our life saving work to rescue each and every cat and kitten living homeless in our Gilroy community.    


We need your help to carry out our live saving mission. One 
volunteer helping to socialize one kitten brings us one step closer to finding a furever home. And, for every cat or kitten placed in homes even more cats and kittens can be saved.
Be the One to Make a Difference

Our work is  ALL VOLUNTEER, not -for -profit, and dedicated to cat and kitten rescue. But, we need your help! Make your gift in support of the work we are doing on behalf of animal rescue in our Gilroy community. You can be confident you are contributing to saving lives. Your contribution helps to provide medical care, food, litter and upkeep for our sweet kitties and cats. Community support is critical to our mission.


Choose the Volunteer Opportunity  Best for You
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Grant Writer

Seek funding and write grants. Help fundraise and save lives.


Trapping is usually done at dusk but sometimes in the morning.  Depends on when they are being fed.

l.  Identify area to trap

2. Set traps using tuna fish or KFC

3.  Line trap with Newspaper to prevent feet from touch wire floor

4.  Watch trap and immediately cover with towel to prevent injury.

5. Take to shelter in the morning between 8-9 am. (We can help if you are not able)

6.  Pick up cat in the afternoon between 2-4 pm. (We can help if you can’t pick up)

7.  Let cat recover in trap and add food & water bowl. (Cat can recover at my home as needed)

8.  Return cat the next evening in the exact place where trapped. (Pick up cat and release from trap, return to the exact spot where trapped)


*If you are not able to do all of the steps, we can fill in as needed.  We need to have on call trappers who can deploy when the need arises. Make a difference and give community cats hope.

Foster Parent

Take care of a cat or kitten(s) until adoption.  All supplies will be provided as needed.  Transport kittens to check-ups and vaccinations every few weeks.  Socialize kittens daily to make them adoptable.  Meet potential adopters or bring kittens back to me for potential adopters to meet. Foster a cat or kitty for more cats and kitties to be rescued.

Clean & Care

Do you love to clean and organize?Clean cat room to maintain high standard of cleanliness and care.  Scoop boxes, sweep, mop, organize, wash/fold/put away laundry, vacuum. Shifts available

9-11 am, 11-1pm; 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm.

Help maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Event Planner/Fundraising

Plan events and recruit volunteers to help.

Put your party skills to work on behalf of cats and kitties. 

Kitten/Cat Socializer

Come play with cats/kittens, 1 1/2 - 2 hours weekly, to help socialize them for adoption. (Socialization time is after 11 a.m.) Share your time and help more kitties to be placed in more loving homes.

Tech Support

Keep computer, printer, air cleaner, anything tech running for smooth operations. Keep our equipment in good running order.

Social Media Coordinator

Post articles, cat adoptions, cats available, highlights, donations needed, etc. on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tic Tok, Youtube, , Nextdoor, local Facebook animal groups, etc. Help spread the word.


Write educational articles to help parents take better care of their pets.  Topics such as  nutrition, spay & neuter, chronic diseases, flea treatment products, etc. Write articles to inform, entertain and encourage cat and kitty owners.


Quickbooks experience, log expenses & donation. Keep records up to date monthly. Good with recordkeeping? Join our team.

Adoption Counselor

Screen applications and set-up appointments. Recruit volunteers and work at adoption fairs.Put your people skills to work for more kitty and cat adoptions.


Transport cats to shelter in traps for neuter.  Pick up cats from shelter after neuter.  Take cats to vet appointments.  Transport rescued cats to different locations as needed.

Pull cats from shelter when at risk of euthanasia. Provide reliable transportation for cats and kitties in need.


Take pictures and videos of kittens/cats to help them get adopted. Put to work your picture taking and video skills.

Vet Tech

Perform general health assessment on each cat/kitten, give vaccinations, apply flea treatment, dewormer, etc. Your Vet skills are needed.


File Annual 990 and all tax related forms required by a non-profit organization. Contribute your tax and financial skills.

Creative Writer

Publish a quarterly newsletter to let the public and our supporters know what is happening. Make sure our "family" of cat and kitty lovers stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Colony/Feral Cat Feeder

Colony feeders to feed and provide water to community cats. Once a week, 30 minutes of time. Food will be provided as needed. Feed homeless cats struggling to survive.

Doing Good Feels Good

It feels good to help. Giving your time to a cause you are passionate about may reduce stress, combat depression and contribute to better physical health. Beyond that, you become part of what we call a movement of kindness. That's one person...than another... and another... coming together to practice compassion and love. 


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”- Mahatma Gandhi


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