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Cat and Kitty Resources

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Resources to Help Your Cat or Kitty Live their Best Life    
"Although cats are more independent than many other pets, owning one is still a major commitment. They need a devoted owner to keep them as happy and healthy as possible."

Valuable Information on Cat Care, Safety

and Health

Regardless of how long you have had your cat or kitty, there is always more to learn about their care and keeping them healthy. Whether it's cat services in Gilroy or online information, the resources we've provided are here to help you. Please take a look. It's good to know where to go for help, services or for answers to cat care questions that you might have.


Town Cats Resource List Ranging from Medical Assistance, Food

to Behavioral Help

Serving Gilroy, Garlic City Kitty Rescue is dedicated to the welfare of all cats and kittens. Working with other area rescues and services we are committed to giving cat and kitten "parents" the support they need. The Town Cats resource list covers a wide range of resources in our community including:  

• Feral Cats

• Spay & Neuter /Lower Cost

• Spay and Neuter Assistance.

• Pet Lost/Found

• Emergency Preparedness

• Pet Food Assistance

• Pet Finder

• Wellness Care

• Behavioral Consultation

• Pet Counseling

• Pet Grooming

• Emergency Vet Service

• Emergency Transportation

• Financial Help with Vet Bills

• On-Line Pet Experts

• Pet Friendly Apartments


Plants that are Poisonous to Cats and Kittens

For more information:

In case of an emergency, call

24 hour emergency Poison Control number 1 888 426-4435


Arum Lily Autumn Crocus Australian Flame Tree Avocado Azalea Baneberry Bird Of Paradise

Bishop's Weed Black Laurel Black Heart Bloodroot Bluebonnet Blue- Boxwood Bracken Fern Buckthorn Bulb Flowers Burdock Cacao Camel Bush Caladium Calla Lily Cardinal Flower Chalice Cherry Tree Chinaberry Tree Clematis Cocklebur Coffee Coral Plant Coriander Dieffenbachia

Easter Lily Lupine Elderberry Elephant

English Ivy Ear (Taro)

Eucalyptus Euonymus False Tree Felt Plant Firethorn Four O'Clock Foxglove Glottidium


Golden Chain

Green Algae

Ground Cherry

Heaths Heliotrope

Hellebore Flame Hemlock Henbane Holly Honeysuckle Horse Chestnut Horsetail Hydrangea Jasmine Jimsonweed Lantana Larkspur

Locust Bleeding Lily Of The Valley Marijuana Mandrake

Mistletoe Mock Mexican Poppy Milkweed Vetch Monkshood Moonseed Morning Glory Mountain Laurel Mushrooms Nightshades Oak Oleander



Pea Tansy

Periwinkle Philodendron Pigweed Poinciana Poinsettia Poison Poison Oak Ivy Pokeweed Potato  Privet Shoots Pyricantha Rain (Buttercup) Rape Red Maple Snowdrop Spurges Sweet

Tree Ranunculus Tobacco Wisteria

Yellow Jasmine Yews

Low cost or free Spay & Neuter Programs

Address and Contact Info

San Martin Animal Shelter

12425 Monterey Road

San Martin, CA 95046

Ph. (408) 686-3900



TNR surgery for feral cats is done on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (closed holidays).  Drop off between 8-9 am and pick up 2-4 pm. Must live in Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill or unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County (call to ask)

Monday - Friday 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Closed on County Holidays


kitten Lady.jpg

Adopting a kitten? The Kitten Lady is a widely recognized source for "everything kitten"...from getting ready for your new kitten to kitten health and behavioral issues.



Find holistic solutions for cat and kitty health along with informative videos filled with tips and information for experienced as well as new "cat parents.

You Know Best 

You are the first defense for keeping your cat or kitten healthy. Although it can seem cats and  kitties are low maintenance, there's a range of behavioral and health issues for you to keep in mind. Look for any changes in behavior or appearance, stay informed  and  know  there are cat resources in Gilroy and on-line to help you insure your cat family thrives.

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