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All Volunteer 100% Not-for-Profit, No-Kill Rescue
Your Contribution Directly Supports Our Life Saving Work
Cat Toys!
Cat Toys!

Sweet love catnip toys. Handmade for the holiday.

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Tuna Fish for Trapping Only
Tuna Fish for Trapping Only

Trapping resources are so valued.

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Kitty Blankets Gift
Kitty Blankets Gift

Homemade blanket gifts for our cats and kitties. A fundraiser benefiting Garlic City.

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We Need Your Help!
Your Gift of Food or Funding Can Mean the Difference
Between Saving a Life or a Life Lost 
Our Food Pantry for Gilroy feral cats is empty. The cost for Trapping, Neutering and Returen continue to increase. Your gift is vital to continuing our mission.  Please Give!
Your Cash Gift
Daily Care • Special Needs
Spay and Neutering

Give in Support of Our Mission

We serve our community, Gilroy, rescuing community cats and kittens. Your cash gift contributes to their healthcare, feeding, spaying and neutering, in addition to special needs.

Our goal is to reduce the populations of homeless cats and kittens, find homes for each and every one and, when necessary, return them safely to the Gilroy community. 

Major Credit Cards, Apple Pay,

Google Pay and PayPal Accepted.


Sponsor a Cat
for Just $15 a Month.

"...some of our cats ... will never be adopted and will spend their lives here..."

Sponsor a Cat and Follow Along With their Life Story

We know that some of our cats, for whatever reasons — old age, trauma, or medical problems — will never be adopted and will spend their lives here. We cherish these kitties and always want to be able to provide the best for them. We promised them that they would never again have to worry about having enough food to eat, a warm bed in which to snuggle, or a caring human to give them lots of love and to take care of their health.


Keep Up-to-Date with Your Sponsored Cat or Kitty

When you sign-up to sponsor a cat you will be able to view their story and latest pictures.

We also realize that some of you may not be able to adopt one of our cats but would like to be able to help them out. That's why we have the SPONSOR-A-CAT program. You can become a sponsor for just $15 a month. Your donation helps pay for the basic needs of each cat during its stay with us. When you sign-up to sponsor a cat you will be able to view their story and latest pictures. You are also welcome (and encouraged!) to visit us and "your" cat as often as you can. The cats do remember frequent visitors, and enjoy the individual love and attention their sponsors provide.

cash gift
In-Kind Gifts
Shop Amazon Smile


Shop Amazon Smile

Shop Amazon Smile and click at the upper left hand corner (Sponsors). Choose Garlic City Kitty Rescue as your charity. A percentage of your purchase will be contributed to our rescue.

Shop for the Health and Well Being of Rescue Cats and Kitties

We are committed to quality care for our rescues. In-kind contributions supports our efforts to provide for their health and wellness. Your gift of food, toys, and maintenance necessities helps us provide our rescue kitties the best environment possible. 

Give to Our Community
Food Pantry

Food for Homeless Community Cats 

Our food pantry distributes food throughout the community to people willing to feed  homeless cats and kitties struggling to survive on the streets. Shop Amazon Smile.

Your Act of Compassion

Too many abandoned cats and litters of homeless kittens challenge the resources of many Gilroy rescues and shelters. We are no different.  Food, shelter and medical costs limit what we can do.  Insufficient space means we sometimes are left with no choice but to turn away cats and kittens needing shelter. 

Your contribution is an act of compassion with lasting benefits. It contributes to our continued work to foster, adopt and reduce populations of community cats in Gilroy. It saves lives.

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