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Take Home a Barn Cat

Some Cats Belong Outside, Working for You.   
Save Lives and Give a Cat or Kitten an Outdoor Home Where they will Thrive.
Too many Community Cats and Kittens are left to scrape out a life on the streets and live wild in the neighborhood. Although, some can not be socialized, they   deserve to live in a healthy and safe environment. 

Barn cats or working cats and kittens are more likely to be euthanized in many shelters. They are fearful of people and are not adaptable to indoor living. But, there is a place for them. For farm owners, these mousers will help with pest and rodent control, helping to secure feed supplies. For other property owners they have their place. They are low maintenance. They will work for you.

• Saving these Cats and Kittens is Win-Win 

Taking in a cat or kitten that can not be effectively socialized  is a win-win. Save the life of an innocent creature and that cat will, in turn, work for you. Rodent problems on your property? These cats are great mousers and low maintenance. Gilroy ranches and wineries

• Barn Cats for Gilroy area Ranches and Wineries

Your Barn Cat can help control Voles, similar to deer mice, and the damage these rodents  cause to trees and vines. Working cats for Ranchers save money, controlling rodents and the loss of feed or grain they can cause.

• What We Do to Make Sure Your Working Cat is Healthy.

Our rescues are ready to be adopted, whether it is as a working cat or indoor companion. They are spayed, neutered and vet checked.

• What You Need to Do.

There is a mandatory imprint time of 8 weeks  for keeping your cat or cats contained to give them time to adjust. During this time your responsibility is to provide a clean environment, feeding and water. Once cats or kittens have adjusted to their environment, usually within 8 weeks, they can be released. They require safe and warm housing — a cat house or straw bedding —food and water.

Barn Cats

Our devoted barn cat contingency prides itself on keeping their living space rodent free. But their utility extends far beyond their primary job assignment.... (


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