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Important Information

Please Review Before Completing the Foster

Application Below

Thank you for your interest in fostering for Garlic City Kitty Rescue (GCKR)!  In order to keep rescuing cat/kittens, we need foster homes to provide safe and loving environments until a forever home is found for our kitties.  Since we do not yet have a facility, the number of cats/kittens we have at any given time is a direct reflection of how many foster families are available.  Having our cat/kittens in foster homes, gives them the love and attention they deserve as well as the care they need to grow physically/emotionally.  We love our kittens and want them to be as happy and healthy as possible until their forever home is found.

Who is Responsible for Food, Supplies, Medical?

Please complete the foster parent application and we will work carefully with you to ensure any kitten/cat you foster is a great fit for your home and that all your needs are met.  We can provide all of the food, supplies and medical for your foster cat/kittens. If you would like to help with the costs of food, we welcome that. We ask that our foster parents make every effort to be available to bring fosters to any vet appointments and or be available to meet with prospective people who would like to adopt.

If You Decide to Adopt...

We understand that sometimes foster families fall in love with their fosters.  Since the cat/kitten is already comfortable with you and as long as everything else is a good fit, you will have the first option for adopting.  The cat/kitten must have completed all required medical procedures prior to finalizing an adoption.  The regular GCKR adoption process must be completed which includes the adoption application, the adoption fee, and the adoption contract.

Who is Legally Responsible for Fostered Cats/Kittens

All foster cat/kittens are the legal responsibility of Garlic City Kitty Rescue (GCKR) and we reserve the right to make all decisions regarding their medical care and their eventual adopter.  The cat/kitten cannot be kept by the foster parent or given to any other party without approval of GCKR and a completed adoption process/contract.  All medical procedures must be approved by a GCKR representative in advance.



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