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Why Adopt a Cat?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Cats are Extraordinary

It's hard to resist such fluff balls. They like to play, to cuddle -- even if sometimes it's on their own terms -- and, what about those eyes? Captivating. Everyday life with a cat is amazing, and just as amazing are the stories and myths surrounding them.

Animal shelter cat in Gilroy, CA
Animal rescues in our community of Gilroy are ready to help you find your purr-fect fur friend.

Not to be Outdone by Dogs

With so many accounts of doggie heroes, we need to give cats their fair due. During the Battle of Britain, radar warned the British of incoming enemy attacks. But, it turns out radar wasn't the only warning. Cats and kitties did their part too. Sensing planes coming in they ran for cover, before any alarm was sounded, letting their families do the same.

A Story of a Lifesaving Cat Adoption

Just hours after bringing home her adopted cat from the shelter, a Wisconsin woman suffered a diabetic seizure. That's when her cat, Pudding, pounced on her chest and after she did not respond began to swat her face and nip her nose.

Slowly the woman started to revive, calling out for her son. Pudding then left her side and jumped on her son's bed, waking him. The son responded and rushed to get help. Later the woman credited Pudding with saving her life "...if something or someone hadn't pulled me out of that, I wouldn't be here."

Truely a lifesaving adoption. (

Black Cat Good Luck

So much for the myth that black cats bring bad luck. In parts of England, Asia, Scotland, France and other countries a black cat brings everything from good luck for a newly married couple to wealth and prosperity for the owner.

It's long overdue -- time to put aside black cat superstitions and bad luck. A black cat is as loveable as any cat and who knows might be your good luck (

Cat Love

All of us love our cats, but there probably is no love that can match the love Egyptians in ancient times had for their cats. On the death of a cat, owners shaved their eyebrows as a symbol of their mourning. And, if a cat was killed -- even by accident ---the one responsible was sentenced to death.

Most likely all of us can relate at least a little bit to that kind of devotion, cat love runs deep!

The Wondrous World of Cats

There is so much that is extraordinary about cats and how we relate to them. Certainly plenty to love. Choose to adopt a cat or kitten and create your own amazing

story of love and companionship. Cats rule!


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