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Cat Companionship for the Soul

Updated: May 24, 2022

She found her "therapy cat". A young woman came to Garlic City Kitty Rescue looking to adopt a cat or kitten. Having lost her mother not so long ago she was going through a hard time and thought a cat or little kitty might help. It would be a comfort to care for and love a new family member.

Animal shelter black cat
Shadow and his new fur-ever home.

She chose Shadow. Or maybe, they simply chose each other. She found a place in her heart for Shadow and he found a place in his for her. Now Shadow, the sweetest little kitty ever, was leaving the rescue for his forever home and she found her "therapy cat".

Purina Cat Chow Gives to Support Cat Therapy

Cats are a valuable therapeutic resource. So much so that in 2020 Purina Cat Chow partnered with the Pet Partners, a non-profit dedicated to registering therapy animals, and donated $30,000. The gift was designated to help fund the training and registration of therapy cat teams.

Is Your Cat Ready for Therapy Work?

Although Shadow is affectionately a "therapy cat" there is an actual certification process to follow and it begins with assessing your cat. According to the Veterinary, Dr. Anne Valuska, these are the signs to look for when considering a cat for therapy work.

  • Positive interaction with people, a calm temperament, easy going and predictable behaviors

  • A strong bond with their handlers and can pick up cues and commands

  • Adaptable and are comfortable walking on a harness and leash

  • A therapy cat should be at least one year old.

Cat lovers understand cat love. It's quirky...sometimes on their own terms...but, a cat's love truly enriches our lives. They are a companion for the soul.

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