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Litter-ally the Best: Choosing and Maintaining Cat Litter for Single and Multi-Cat Homes

Welcome back to our blog at Garlic City Kitty Rescue, Gilroy, CA! Today, we’re diving into an essential part of cat care – selecting the right litter and maintaining a pristine environment for your cats, whether you're a parent to a single kitty or a houseful of furry friends.

Choosing the Right Litter

1. Clumping vs. Non-Clumping: Clumping litter, known for ease of scooping, forms solid clumps when wet. Non-clumping varieties, like clay, silica, or plant-based materials, absorb moisture but need more frequent changes.

2. Material Matters: Common litters include clay-based, silica gel, and biodegradable types (corn, wheat, or pine). Each has its benefits: clay for absorbency, silica for odor control, and biodegradable for eco-friendliness and less dust.

3. Scented or Unscented: Kittens should use Unscented litter while older cats are probably okay with scented as long as the the litter is dust free.  Paper pellets for young kittens is safer than sand.

Litter Solutions for Multiple Cats

1. Litter Box Number: Follow the rule of one litter box per cat, plus one extra, to avoid conflicts and ensure accessibility.

2. Litter Box Placement: Distribute litter boxes around your home, keeping them out of busy areas. Cats generally prefer large, uncovered boxes for ease and privacy.

3. Odor Control for Multiple Cats: Choose a high-quality litter with strong odor-control properties, especially in multi-cat households. Biodegradable litters can be a natural choice for this purpose.

Keeping It Clean

1. Regular Scooping: It's ideal to scoop at least twice daily, or at minimum once a day, to monitor your cat's health and keep the boxes inviting.

2. Full Change Schedule: Depending on your litter choice, complete box changes should be done every one to two weeks, cleaning the box with mild, cat-friendly products.

3. Monitoring Health: Regular cleaning helps you keep an eye on your cat's health through waste observation.

Cats are finicky about their litter boxes and require them to be clean, or they might resort to accidents outside the box. A proper approach to litter box care is vital for the health and happiness of your cats. At Garlic City Kitty Rescue, we understand how important these everyday decisions are for our feline friends in Gilroy, CA.

We'd love to hear your experiences and tips on managing litter boxes, particularly in homes with multiple cats. Let’s work together to make cat care more effective and enjoyable for everyone.


Thank you for being part of our Garlic City Kitty Rescue family. Your support enables us to continue our mission of caring for and protecting the cats in our community.

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